“You Came In Like A Wrecking Ball!”

You Came In LIke A Wrecking Ball - WordPress Developer

Hello Dear Readers, it’s been a while since the last post and whilst there are no cobwebs on the keyboard or no suntan from an extended holiday there is good reason for the duration between this post and our last. We’ve been in wrecking ball mode – in the very best sense of the much maligned Miley Cyrus melody – and whilst we’re no fans of Miley, there are times when we are fans of engaging a bit of constructive destruction and letting the wrecking ball fly. Stick with me and read on, I’m about to stick this metaphor landing!

Over 300% Growth In A Year!

Since the last post on WPDeveloper.ie business has increased in profitability and volume by about 300%. We’re busier than ever and at better rates than ever. As our boy Borat would say, great success. But “how did you do that?” I hear you scream. Sure, we’re continually evolving and refining our skills so that we know what we’re up to but the big difference is a constructive wrecking ball mentality.

A Constructive Wrecking Ball

As a team we’ve arrived at a point where we don’t like to sugar coat or skirt around the issue. If your site isn’t fit for purpose we’ll let you know. If your site is negatively reflecting your brand we’ll let you know. If your site looks like it was designed using MS Paint and is best suited in a museum paying homage to the early days of the web then we’ll let you know. We’re definitely a pro lance-the-boil outfit and if constructive destruction is required we don’t hesitate to pull the trigger, napalm what was the old site, let nature reclaim what was once there and then tell the client rebuild.

A Constructive Wrecking Ball - WordPress web design

By taking this approach (and, it’s not really an approach, it’s just being honest and “fearless” insofar as that we know some potential clients may not want a rebuild and so we won’t win that business but we just don’t care, if a rebuild isn’t for them then they’re not for us) the clients that we take on are ready to try something new, willing to invest in their future (and that’s key!) and often times appreciate our frankness and so tend to trust us. This is the bedrock of a good long term relationship with a client and so from every swing of the wrecking ball comes a chance to build something really mutually beneficial.

Rebuild Their Site As Gods

So, say you’re in the WordPress developer game as well and you try the wrecking ball approach espoused above, then what comes next? Well, obviously enough, it’s time to rebuild then but you have to rebuild it with care, TLC and SEO. When we rebuild a site we try focus on the business objectives for the client. What do they really need the site to do to help their business and how can we deliver that?

Rebuild WordPress Site Properly

Invariably every site we build has a big focus on SEO as getting sites to rank, especially for clients who never had a site that ranked, is a game changer and can elevate you in the eyes from a brash talker to a needle mover for their business. And, if it’s one thing that 300% growth in a year has taught us, being a needle mover for a business isn’t a bad spot to be in.

You Gotta Know When To Wreck!

The key thing to remember here is that we don’t say “rip it down and start again” to every enquiry that makes its way into our inbox. Some sites might just need an SEO touchup, some sites maybe just a little bit of tinkering around the edges and others just some small cosmetic design changes.

If the site is fit for purpose we try to enhance and improve it, if the sites race is run, then we make put it out to pasture but ultimately you gotta know when to wreck.

And knowing that, my friends, just comes with time (see paragraph 3).

So, How Can We Wreck You?

Hope you’ve stuck with me throughout this meandering metaphor and found some value in it. Ultimately it boils down to this – if you’re a developer telling the client the truth is the best policy and if you’re a site owner oftentimes a web designer or developer saying to start again is merited. If you’d like to see if your site passes our “to wreck or not” test then get in touch with us and we’ll give your site the once over.

Would also love to hear the thoughts of fellow designers and developers as well though so do chime in. Do you like to take the wrecking ball approach as well or are you the more softly softly type? What have you found works best for you and your clients?

And, just in case there are any doubts, this is my preferred version of Wrecking Ball, Miley be dammed! Until next time, cheers for reading and I’ll catch you here next time!

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