WordPress Plugins are a great way to add some extra functionality to your site – Social Media Integration, Mailing-lists, Security & SEO

WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress Developer Ireland - WordPress PluginsFor some people updating a WordPress plugin can be a scary thing. Sometimes the plugin update can cause an unexpected problem or create an error with another plugin. The longer a plugin goes without being updated the great the chance of this occurring and that is why we recommend all our clients should keep their plugins up to date. If you do find updating WordPress plugins a daunting and frightful task please get in touch with us and we can quote you for the work involved.

Bespoke WordPress Plugins

If you need to get a bespoke WordPress plugin built then we can put you in touch with some excellent freelance programmers who can create what you need. Bespoke WordPress plugin updates is not something we support and if you do have a bespoke WordPress plugin, or are thinking about getting one, we highly recommend you make sure you choose a reliable programmer who will provide ongoing support. WordPress as a platform is constantly evolving which can lead to lots of problems with bespoke plugins unless there is ongoing support from the original developer – so choose them carefully.