We Take your WordPress Security Seriously – Do you have a recovery plan in place for a WordPress hack? Talk to Us Today

Professional 24 Hour WordPress Hack Repairs

Wordpress Developer Ireland - WordPress Hack RepairsWhen is comes to repairing a WordPress site from a hack speed is of the essence.

Once you contact us we’ll quickly spring into action to analyse the situation and plan the hack repair. Once the hack has been identified we then check the integrity of the data and your database files and structure before rebuilding your site.

We highly recommend to all our clients that they take regular backups of their site to allow a quick rebuild.

If you need help getting your backups in place contact us now.

Our 5 Step WordPress Hack Repair Process

We are quick, organized, professional and precises when it comes to WordPress hack repairs;

  1. Backup: We backup Database, Plugins, Files, Text & Images
  2. Scan: We scan your entire website to find the issues and remove anything malicious
  3. Relocate: We help you find a new host and get your domain(s) and hosting moved ASAP
  4. Reinstall: We Install WordPress and restore your site with a 100% secure install
  5. Protect: We begin a 3 phase backup procedure as well as 100+ security features

No Two WordPress Hacks are the Same

Not all WordPress hacks are recoverable from, but to date we have not had a single site we could not 100% recover. Talk to us today about all things security and hack recovery related.