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WordPress Security – Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

With great success comes threats and as WordPress has become the no.1 CMS on the planet it follows that there are bound to be more hackers trying to find vulnerabilities. That is why WordPress security is vital for your WordPress site - you wouldn't leave your brick and mortar business unlocked and you shouldn't leave your WordPress site exposed. Here are some of our top tips for WordPress security. WordPress Security - Keep Your WordPress Site Safe 1) iThemes Plugin The iThemes WordPress security ... Read more
WordPress Speed Improvements

WordPress Speed for SEO – WordPress Speed Improvements

WordPress Speed Improvements You might have heard that Google are now using page speed as a ranking factor and so it is now important that your site zips along for SEO reasons as well as user experience. WordPress speed for SEO can be quickly achieved by focusing on the big wins. There are lots of tools online to help you with some WordPress speed improvements and it's something that we do on a routine basis. Check out some of the tools we ... Read more
7 Key Benefits of WordPress

7 Key Benefits of WordPress

I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that we're supporters of WordPress and that this may be somewhat biased. Biased as it may be though there are many benefits to using WordPress for your site and I'll give you a quick snapshot of 7 key benefits of WordPress below. These benefits hold true regardless of the type of site you want to set up, be it an e-commerce site, a blog or brochure site. Right, let's get into it. 7 ... Read more
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