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SEO Checklist - Annual SEO Audit and Spring Clean

Annual SEO Spring Clean – Your Quick SEO Checklist!

Spring is starting to roll around again, temperatures are rising and the anticipation of growth is in the air. If you want your site to continue to survive and thrivie throughout the year it's important that you give it an SEO Spring Clean as it were to ensure that your sites core SEO is properly in place. Without a thorough annual cleaning you run the risk of your site underperforming in organic search and with that a loss of traffic, leads ... Read more
The great SSL Panic of 2017 - WordPress Developers

The Great SSL Panic of 2017 | Nonsecure Collection of Passwords

Those of you who have been reading this blog regularly will have seen us discuss SSL on numerous occasions in the past, but this may be the most important announcement yet. And clients of ours who are members of our private mailing list will have recently received a notice that almost makes us a look like Nostradamus as we impressed that SSL was going to be something that Google was going to push hard for 2017. And, then, out of the ... Read more
WordPress Guides & Tutorials

SSL For The Win – SSL Setup for WordPress Websites

So we migrated WPDeveloper.ie over to SSL in what I consider to be the most timely fashion. SSL has been topical a few times this year and last and it has now become a 100% must for all sites, small large medium, ecommerce, blogs you name it and it needs SSL. I have some helpful and simple tips tricks and websites below for any of you WordPress DIYers out there. You might be considering a new site, or fixing your current Picasso. ... Read more
You Came In LIke A Wrecking Ball - WordPress Developer

“You Came In Like A Wrecking Ball!”

Hello Dear Readers, it's been a while since the last post and whilst there are no cobwebs on the keyboard or no suntan from an extended holiday there is good reason for the duration between this post and our last. We've been in wrecking ball mode - in the very best sense of the much maligned Miley Cyrus melody - and whilst we're no fans of Miley, there are times when we are fans of engaging a bit of constructive destruction ... Read more
WordPress Guides

WordPress Guide: Change WordPress to SSL/HTTPS

A Quick Guide to Changing WordPress to SSL Links This 5 step setup will get your WP site moved to SSL in 1-2 minutes. Go to the Admin Dashboard, generally yoursite.ie/wp-admin/ Go to Settings > General Where it says WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL) replace the http:// part with https:// (See Image Below) Click Save Changes You will be made login again and you may need to update user name and passwords as cookies update to SSL   Change Settings Panel Admin Dashboard ... Read more
How To Update Your Site for The Google Sitelinks Searchbox

How To Update Your Site for The Google Sitelinks Search Box

Hold the phones - did you hear about Google's latest update yet? They have updated the sitelinks section of the SERPs so that searchers can now do a search within a site from Google and then view the search results on that site instead of Google. This Google sitelinks search box update is very useful stuff for webmasters who want to make it easier for users find buried archived content but also, and maybe more importantly, this Google sitelinks searchbox update ... Read more
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